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Seven Secrets of a Supernatural Marriage:
The Joy of Spirit-Led Intimacy

[from Dr. Dan Wilson, Linda Wilson, Kris Vallotton]

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Seven Secrets of a Supernatural Marriage:
The Joy of Spirit-Led Intimacy

God loves relationship. He created us to be in relationship with Himself. And He created marriage for man and woman to reflect that divine union of love, joy, intimacy, and fruitfulness

Regardless of age or marital status, God has placed something within every one of us that recognizes the vital significance of marriage. As believers in God we sense an inner yearning that longs to see marriages fully become what they were created to be. Supernatural Marriage Ministries was established to release to the bride of Christ the vision of true intimacy between man, woman, and God—the supernatural oneness required to propel marriages into the fulfillment of their destinies.
It is our desire to raise the standard bar for Christian marriage extremely high so that married believers might fully recognize the glorious beauty planned by God for them in this divine union. From Supernatural Marriage Ministries we cast the vision of supernatural marriage with no intention of bringing discouragement to any spouse. Rather, this revelation is one of hope and encouragement based in the truths of God’s word and the perfection of His plan.

Every marital partner has the opportunity to intimately connect with God by communing with Him through the Holy Spirit. This spiritual communion gives us, as individual spouses, access to the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, and the presence of the Prince of Peace. The granting of these blessings naturally changes us to become more and more the supernatural spouses we were intended to be. When we perceive and obey the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, there is nothing that can keep us from learning to love and respond to our marriage partners in exactly the best way, fully honoring the desires of God. Becoming supernatural spouses is the ideal way to encourage our spouses to come along with us, and grow together toward the ideal goal of supernatural marriage.

Dr. Dan & Linda Wilson are marriage missionaries who encourage Spirit-led intimacy in marriages around the world through conferences, teaching, writing, and personal counseling. Our ultimate purpose is to participate in the beautification of the church as the bride of Christ, preparing the way for the return of Christ as the Bridegroom.

Although supernatural marriage is the primary focus of this ministry, we take very seriously Jesus' call to compassion for orphans and widows. To date SMM is substantially helping orphanages in India, China and Uganda, and assisting the persecuted Christians of Pakistan. Additionally a goal is before us of arranging microbusiness loans in these same countries to be used in helping widows become financially independent. Please consider joining with us through a donation to assist in these mission projects.

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